Notes/Domino Fix List
SPR # YDFS8KL9KXFixed in 8.5.3; 8.5.2 FP4 release

Product Area: Client Technical Area: Calendaring & Scheduling Platform: Cross Platform

Lotus Customer Support APAR: LO62970

SPR# YDFS8KL9KX - Accommodated change in DST rules for Chile. Before this change, Calendar entries in Notes Standard client would be off by an hour during the traditional DST period. This change brings the tzdata up to tzdata2011h. See this website for information on tzdata: . A companion agent published via the IBM Lotus Notes Support site may also need to be run to correct stored DST rule entries in individual calendar entries.

Technote Number: 1569767

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Last Modified on 12/11/2013

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